The most popular manufacturer & designer of costume fashion

Traditional clothes are now available in large numbers, and no longer only in Bavaria. Clear that the amount of providers has increased significantly, and there are many more brands on the market, as it was a few years ago. The most popular costume manufacturers & designers, we have therefore put under the microscope and looked at closer.

Schatzi Dirndl

There is, for example Schatzi Dirndl. Behind the label puts designer Katharina Lukacs and likes to combine classic cuts with very colourful and bright colours. Nevertheless, the designer has a clear credo: it shows in her creations, no shoulders and no knees. These areas remain covered. Yet their designs are of course by no means conventional. Quite the contrary. The young designer has her very feminine and chic style fashion, but at the same time modern and imaginative. For this, it relies on loving embroidery or Svarovski crystals.


Lodenfrey is in terms of a real traditional costume fashion house. The Dirndl section is therefore quite modest, but the more sophisticated processing. Whether patterns and material mixes small details like embroidery and piping, at Loden Fry shows one likes trendy and goes with the times. This is particularly true on the colour palette. Because Dirndl in bright colours like purple or green are at Loden Frey on the agenda and speak particularly to the younger audience.

My Dirndl

Natalie Brault is the designer who is behind the brand My dirndl. A trained master tailor has their own style and brings a lot of it in their Dirndl collections. Their designs are young and fresh, bold, but also very classy and elegant. She sits by the way not only to traditional dirndl, but also conjures Dirndl for the areas directly or couture wedding. The uniqueness here is not a problem, because all is made with a lot of imagination.

Lola Paltinger

Lola Paltinger is a name that already enjoys in Munich a certain reputation. The designer creates Dirndl-models, which are full of glamor and elegance is the only way to provide the smallest silk fiber. She runs after any trends, but sets them. Those looking for fine and costume fashion is very sophisticated, with Lola Paltinger they are exactly to the right place.