Jewellery Fashion: Hoops

The children Hoops The Hoops are for children in 925 silver and with applications such as a horseshoe, e.g. Luv one. From the size to the children, Hoops are 10 x 3 mm. Earrings are also available without nickel shares. Joop Hoops By Joop there at Galleria Kaufhof in diameter, small earrings with 19 mm diameter, but quite thick and with an ornament in the centre of Sterling Silver.

The Joop Earrings could at ladies with a medium length or long hair cut or a short haircut. The ornaments in the middle consist of zirconia stones, so you will have bought the same earrings with cubic zirconia.


Plated Earrings Certainly, see gold hoop earrings, silver plated hoop earrings are so beautiful too. Neckermann there are half hoops as earrings in the middle with little stones for around 30 Euros – and 925 silver. They make a woman what her also, the Hoops with Cubic Zirconia stones. So that you may also impress your man!

Hoopsin small and large diameter Hoops are available in small and large diameter. Even for children. Of course women should pay attention to the weight of the earrings. The earrings should not be too heavy for the ear. They should be matched to the particular clothes and the outfit. The particular earrings act certainly very good. Hoops for example, evening can be a quite well solution for women.

My Opinion

My personal favorite among the ladies with hoop earrings hoop earrings are a lot diameters (from 50 mm upwards). From my perspective, the large hoop earrings look from 50 mm upwards are better than small ones.